“My philosophy on living a good life is to realize every day that family, friends and helping others are truly the meaningful aspects of our time on this earth.”

– Martin A. Harmon, Western Care Construction


Martin Harmon, President of Western Care Construction Company

Martin A. Harmon has devoted his life to senior care and excellence in construction for the last 50+ years—and he’s still going strong! 

Recognizing that dignity and quality of life are as essential as functional design and sound building principles, Mr. Harmon brings a unique sensitivity and intelligence to each project.  A native Californian, Martin grew up in a large family during World War II, when times were particularly difficult. When he was just nine years old, Martin started working and he did not let anything get in the way of his quest for success. Even in those early years, he had an innate entrepreneurial spirit and a strong work ethic.  He worked in the meat industry and opened his own market and meat-packing company as a teenager.

At the age of 27, inspired by his mother’s interest in caring for the elderly, Martin purchased his first nursing home in Auburn, California.  He realized soon thereafter that he had found his calling and thrived in his pursuit of acquiring more senior living facilities and other real estate holdings.  As a natural result of these aspirations, he became a licensed General Contractor, which enabled him to create new structures from the ground up.  He is licensed in all of the following classifications: 

  • A – General Engineering Contractor               
  • B – General Building Contractor                       
  • C10 – Electrical                                                              
  • C16 – Fire Protection Contractor
  • C20 – Heating, Ventilating & Air-Conditioning 
  • C21 – Building Moving and Demolition 
  • C36 – Plumbing

As a prominent real estate developer, with holdings across the State of California, and in several other states, Mr. Harmon has made his mark in this challenging industry.  Along the way, he obtained his Nursing Home Administrator’s license and also founded Western Care Construction Company, Inc., Horizon West Healthcare, Inc., and Platinum Living Services, Inc., among other companies.  Over the years, he has developed long-term, collaborative relationships with well-respected development and financial partners, allowing him the luxury of responding quickly to viable opportunities so that his companies can continue to lead the industry, even in times of market contraction. 

The companies have been actively involved in the development of residential and commercial subdivisions, medical and professional office buildings, shopping centers, apartment complexes, a luxury golf course, and various other real estate ventures and partnerships. 

Mr. Harmon is a craftsman in the true sense of the word and takes a great deal of pride in every detail of his work and that of his staff. Throughout his professional career, Mr. Harmon has been described as a strong, charismatic leader and a consummate “hands-on” visionary, who is active in charitable activities to assist those in need.

Western Care Construction Company

Western Care Construction Company (Western Care), headquartered in Rocklin, California, is the applicant and developer of Timberline at Auburn.  Western Care primarily supports internal projects and rarely does contracting work outside of the development projects associated with the family's core companies.

Western Care constructed its first skilled nursing community in 1962, in Auburn, California, and the company has long been committed to the concept of total patient care, which embraces the dignity of patients, while commanding the respect of the medical community.

Those behind the scenes at Western Care are passionate about making meaningful contributions to the senior care industry, whether in skilled nursing, assisted living, or in retirement communities.  Western Care facilitates partnerships that bring talent and skill together, with great results that benefit seniors and the caring professionals who serve them.

Platinum Living Services, Inc., one of Western Care’s sister companies, likes to host enjoyable events for its residents.  Here is a link to a recent afternoon at one of Platinum’s assisted living communities. 

Sierra Regency, one of the communities of Platinum Living Services, Inc., exemplifies the fine quality of craftsmanship and design that Western Care Construction employs to carry out its mission of maintaining a level of quality worthy of the respect of the entire community. Great attention to detail is evident in the facilities that Western Care builds; and the staff also devotes creative energy and efforts to color and interior design features and finishes. Sierra Regency is known for providing luxurious accommodations for today’s discerning seniors. 

The communities of Platinum Living Services, Inc. represent the kind of quality facilities that Western Care Construction continues to create and maintain.  The company’s plans for Timberline at Auburn will build upon the core principles that incorporate quality and innovative design, while bringing a fresh and striking product to the local community.

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